We are experts in manufacturing containers and products for handling and transfer of components and pieces, in the industrial, comercial and automotive sector. Also, we produce and create P.O.P material for exhibiting your products.

High technology and engineering processes that we have lets us give you the best quality and time response. In addition, we have an unlimited production capacity because all of our processes are integrated inside our plant.

Automotive, Aerospace & Aeronautic

  • Working stations
  • Equipment for handling and material transfer
  • Dollies
  • Containers
  • Carts
  • Industrial racks
  • Personalized racks
  • Engineering
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  • Modules:acces module, box module, order module, modular node, 90
    and 120 blind module.
  • Checkoutswith bar, simple and modular.
  • Exhibitors: wire mesh, hangers and
    hooks, slotted panel, gondolas, jewlery, gondolas.
  • Gondolaswith slotted panel, with panel and hooks,
    perforated panel for accesories and
    garments, bread dispenser,
    puppets food, four views gondola,
    and industrial metalic.
  • Commercial products: wire mesh, hangers and hooks, slotted panel, gondolas, jewlery exibition, mannequins.
  • Advertising: stands, inflatable products, skydancers, P.O.P material, iluminated advertisements and totems.
  • For storespoint of purchase, exhibition tables, MDF cut, and hanging displays.

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products catalog:


Desinfecting tunnels, attention modules, overalls, boots, masks, waste collectors, screens, and much more.

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